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The integration of Constant Contact's email marketing tool with Convio's Common Ground provides a powerful, easy-to-use constituent engagement solution for nonprofits:
8 million, Common Ground will provide significant funding and Santos will contribute $800,000.
The Common Ground Committee thanks Senator Gregg and Governor Rendell for meeting in the kind of civil, frank and factual dialogue that sets an example for government," Ms.
Doris Gottemoeller, senior vice president for mission at Catholic Healthcare Partners and a member of the Catholic Common Ground initiative Committee, read the citation.
Bringing all these factors together in a creative search for common ground and workable strategies offers a unique opportunity to shape American attitudes, policies, and practices into the next millenia.
The case for Common Ground over White Noise can be made without resorting to calling DeLillo either insufficiently affirmative or insufficiently realistic.
We are delighted to bring this sustainable and attractive building to the Willimantic community," said Brenda Rosen, executive director of Common Ground.
The Common Ground Foundation has made a huge impact on Chicago," said Shashi Reddy, Case-Mate CEO.
Certainly in the circumstances of the Catholic church in the United States, the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin's Common Ground Initiative had significant resonance throughout the Catholic community, the rather harsh assessment of brother cardinals at the time notwithstanding.
We want to work with this administration to see if we can find common ground on certain aspects of tax reform and we want to exhaust that possibility," Ryan, the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee, said Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press.
During the weekend, some 20 members of the Common Ground organizing committee and 19 guests discussed the general topic "U.