common knowledge

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Strictly speaking, the common knowledge waiver comes into play where direct evidence of negligent conduct lies within the realm of everyday lay knowledge that the physician had deviated from common practice.
Common knowledge among adults that children are innocent made all the difference because they could not ignore his words.
It's common knowledge that thousands of former Arthur Andersen professionals have been recruited by rival firms in recent months as the once-mighty Andersen breaks apart.
Unfortunately however, it is common knowledge that many facilities have not yet complied with the guidelines.
I as honored to be contacted by Wintergreen (a traditional midwife from New Zealand) of Common Knowledge Trust in New Zealand regarding this incredible kit containing a book, video, and audiocassette.
The information utilized in both articles is common knowledge, which had been and continues to be circulated into the fields by General Electric and Dow Corning Silicones as early as 1954.
Twenty-five years ago it was common knowledge that any foreigners who wanted to pursue lucrative business opportunities in Nicaragua would have to buy their way into the good books of the Samoza government.
However, expert testimony is not required in cases involving conduct within the common knowledge and experience of jurors.
41-4(a) (3), the IRS states, "the term `discovering information' means obtaining knowledge that expands or refines the common knowledge of skilled professionals in a particular field of technology or science" Citing United Stationers, 163 F3d 440 (7th Cir.
While DOD spokeswoman Susan Hanson would not confirm that DOD is talking about banning mobile code, a high-level government source told Inter@ctive Week it is common knowledge that the department's deputy CIO, Marvin Langston, is considering eliminating the use of the code within department Web pages.
It is common knowledge among Chelsea supporters, although the club have not officially admitted it, that the Italian will never play again.
the term discovering information means obtaining knowledge that exceeds, expands, or refines the common knowledge of skilled professionals in a particular field of technology or science.