common knowledge

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I learned today what caused my own three cesarean births and that information should be common knowledge for all women.
In other words, is this process within the common knowledge of skilled professionals employed by U.
Twenty-four of the forty questions contained qualifying phrases relating to common knowledge.
Instead of everyone having his or her own opinion about a topic or competitor, based on different microbits of information, the company is creating a common knowledge base.
The new "Background Updating" feature is designed to improve the performance of downloading incoming changes to Common Knowledge documents.
The greatest compliment in science is that a discovery becomes common knowledge, when a result has been accepted as fact that can be referenced by peers without citation," said Dr.
Maia Hollinger of Studio City, a student at Milken Community High School in Los Angeles, proved that she has more common knowledge than 653 other students across America.
Common Knowledge is an easy to use, interactive software package that allows users to create, access, edit, distribute, and share information over a network while providing a structure for managing and tracking the input of workgroup participants.
It's common knowledge that there is a high churn rate among wireless customers and that poor voice quality is a point of contention with cell phone users," said John Winchester, CEO at Psytechnics.
If that wasn't common knowledge before, it became apparent Saturday night.
It's common knowledge that NASCAR fans are some of the most loyal in all of sports and this program is such a natural fit and hits the sweet spot with fans.
Although it's common knowledge that cigarette smoking can lead to cancer, ulcers, heart and liver disease, it has also been found that smoking cigarettes can cause impotence in men, Dr.