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The company, headquartered in Paulinia, a municipality in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was formerly under common ownership with Mercia Industria e Comer cio Produtos Quimica Ltda.
Like, we should be able to take the railways back into common ownership in Scotland.
The Kalama and Portland grain elevator facilities will continue to operate separately and maintain separate control of labor relations, but their common ownership is expected to improve efficiency and achieve more effective operation of the businesses.
WILSON: "The Affordable Care Act will affect franchises in a way differently from most businesses, primarily due to the interpretation of common ownership rules.
It's enormously gratifying to see that vision further realized by bringing all of our major markets into a common ownership structure--especially with 100% shareholder approval in each market.
Indeed, selves are individuated in terms of "a common ownership relation obtaining between clusters of commitment, resolutions, and intentions, delimited by normative emotional response and implying agency and sentience and so embodiment.
Which radical English Puritan group advocated the common ownership of land?
In my view, the stadium and football club can only prosper, if they are under common ownership.
In recent years, common ownership has enjoyed unprecedented favour among policy-makers and citizens in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
A final chapter evaluates such matters as Seljuq nobility and aspirations, the conquest of Anatolia, common ownership of the realm, and the role of women.
Key Filters and Parkinson Technologies have been affiliated since 1993 as both companies shared common ownership.
Common ownership is a right to use something that does not come with the right to exclude other co-owners from also using it.