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The common saying among the Brits when the Americans arrived in this country was that they were "over-paid, over-sexed and over here"
It further noted: "It is a common saying which is never aimed to offend the highly valuable place of women in the country.
There's a common saying in Playboy lore that goes 'Once a playmate, always a playmate.
A mission focused on three censuses update on common saying valley
There's a common saying in Kurdistan that says that most consider politics as simply lies or jokes.
Let the whale devour me, rather than the worms," is a common saying among the shanty town's residents, favoring death at the sea for starving to death at home.
THERE is a common saying that "no man is perfect", so we slide below that standard of worthiness into imperfection with seemingly popular consent.
TEHRAN (FNA)- We're often told to 'forgive and forget' the wrongs that we suffer -- it turns out that there may be some scientific truth behind the common saying.
The common saying that 'rules are meant to be broken' is at the root of both creative performance and dishonest behavior," lead researcher Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School said.
It was a common saying from the RAF NCOs to those of us who were not of sufficient rank to be included amongst them (and I apologise for the use of the correct saying): "I'm no poncy officer, I work for a living
Felinheli's Ceri Wynn Hollywood actor Matthew Rhys, an adjudicator, said: "It's a common saying 'the standard was very high' but now I know the meaning of that phrase.
It has a few different meanings but the one that makes the most sense for this common saying is: to be low in rank, importance or status.