Common Stock

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Common Stock

Evidence of participation in the ownership of a corporation that takes the form of printed certificates.

Each share of common stock constitutes a contract between the shareholder and the corporation. The owner of a share of common stock is ordinarily entitled to participate in and to vote at stockholders' meetings. He or she participates in the profits through the receipt of dividends after the payment of dividends on preferred stock. Shares of common stock are the Personal Property of their holder.

common stock

n. stock in a corporation in which dividends (payouts) are calculated upon a percentage of net profits, with distribution determined by the Board of Directors. Usually holders of common stock have voting rights. These are distinguished from preferred stock in which the profits are a predetermined percentage and are paid before the common shareholders who gamble on higher profits, and collectively have voting control of the corporation. (See: corporation, stock, share, preferred stock)

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2245% of the number of shares underlying such component; and, assuming the Company has not previously elected prepayment with respect to such component (or have subsequently repaid such prepayment), the forward counterparty will pay the Company an amount of cash equal to the forward floor price, multiplied by the number of common shares underlying such component.
The Sputnik Group acquired the common shares through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange for investment purposes, and may acquire further common shares, or dispose of their holdings of common shares both as investment conditions warrant.
The increased price will affect options to acquire 1,755,001 Amalco Common Shares and warrants to acquire 2,400,000 Amalco Common Shares which were granted to principals of Cannasat.
The common shares and the warrants as well as the common shares underlying the warrants and the compensation options are subject to a four-month hold period under applicable securities laws.
As the number of common shares to be issued in connection with the conversion of the debentures will exceed the maximum number of common shares issuable without security holder approval pursuant to the policies of Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX"), Groupe Bikini Village has availed itself of security holder approval exemption provisions under Section 604(e) of the TSX Company Manual and of similar provisions contained in applicable provincial securities legislation.
Including the titles issued with this second closing, the Metanor's capital is composed of 19,142,598 common shares, 7,949,467 common share purchase warrants, 491,600 broker warrants (including 187,500 broker warrants to subscribe for A Units).
Pursuant to the Share Exchange Agreement, Ribbon will issue an aggregate of 40,000,000 common shares of Ribbon valued at $0.
to Acquireco in consideration for the assumption of all liabilities of the existing business and operations of Direct IT plus 1,020,000 common shares of Direct IT, representing all of the shares of Direct IT currently held by George Lykoudis, the President of Direct IT.
The common shares, the flow through shares and the warrants comprised in the Units A and B as well as the underlying common shares to the warrants will be subject to a resale restriction for a period of 4 months and 1 day following the closing date.
Purchases of the Common shares will be effected through the facilities of The Toronto Stock Exchange.
Risty Limited ("Risty"), now owns 8,949,479 common shares of ZTEST representing approximately 15.
Under the terms of the revised offer, holders of common shares of New Valley who tender their shares will receive 0.