common view

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A provider of Collaborative Care Management, MEDecision's technologies analyze data, automate payer workflow processes and electronically connect patients, providers and payers to give each a common view of the patient's medical history, helping to foster better clinical decision making.
In readings that seek to dispute the common view of Chapman as a "stolid moralist" and to "tease out the social agenda" (15) in such works as The Shadow of Night (1594), Ovids Banquet of Sence (1595), and Hero and Leander (1598), Huntington situates the poet at the leading edge of an ill-fated but prescient social and aesthetic movement among certain non-aristocratic poets of the 1590s, whose "sensitivity to their own social position begins to generate distinctions that will later evolve into the taste culture which we now inhabit" (vii).
MIGRATING STARS For scientists who are reluctant to justify a change in the common view of how dense gas clouds near supermassive black holes can behave, there's another scenario.
Xinhua said Schroeder told Jiang that Germany shares a common view with China on the antiterrorism issue, and holds that all countries in the world should strengthen unity and jointly combat terrorism.
In Canadian culture, he notes, "any form of exclusion is seen as discrimination" and there is "a common view that all matters are open to discussion.
Despite the common view that the church was in ill repute immediately prior to the Reformation and that relatively few young men wished to become clerics, Cooper shows that the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century saw an increasing number of ordinations.
Clustering also takes on the issues of load balancing and cluster-level storage networks, where many servers share responsibility of serving content for a single Web site from a common view of the content.
The common view is that cellphones are disruptive to an audience's experience," said Michael Counts of Counts Media.
The MADX platform gives publishers, agencies and carriers a common view of all mobile inventory, as well as all the tools necessary to capitalize on the mobile advertising opportunity.
It provides mobile operators with a single common view of subscribers, devices and network traffic points, and expanded integration to back-end systems.
Iran and China's common view about many global issues and problems, including the wrong policies of certain world powers in the international arena, has provided good grounds for cooperation between Iran and Beijing," Jalili said at the end of his three day visit to China.