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COMMONER. One who is entitled with others to the use of a common.

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Casaubon's mother had not a commoner mind: she might have taught him better.
Close by the name of Sir Pitt Crawley, Baronet (the subject of the present memoir), are written that of his brother, the Reverend Bute Crawley (the great Commoner was in disgrace when the reverend gentleman was born), rector of Crawley-cum-Snailby, and of various other male and female members of the Crawley family.
Strange as it always is to consider any assembly in the act of submissively resigning itself to the dreariness of some complacent person, lord or commoner, whom three-fourths of it could, by no human means, raise out of the slough of inanity to their own intellectual level, it was particularly strange, and it was even particularly affecting, to see this crowd of earnest faces, whose honesty in the main no competent observer free from bias could doubt, so agitated by such a leader.
It began to be widely understood that one who had done society the admirable service of making so much money out of it, could not be suffered to remain a commoner.
Barry Commoner rose to prominence in the 1950s as a leader of the campaign against nuclear bomb tests.
In fact, the only time when a sprinkling of the commoners could contest and make to the legislatures and to the governments was when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto fielded his relatively newly-formed Pakistan People's Party in the 1970 general election?
Barry Commoner is most famous for that phrase, but Judge Carroll (he would always correct me that he was retired, but for me it was a term of respect), walked the walk.
Three-quarters of European Princes now Marry Commoners, Finds Study of 107 Royal Romances
Kate Middleton has turned 29 and has celebrated her final birthday as a commoner - with less than four months to go before she marries Prince William.
The Duchess of York, born Sarah Ferguson, has always happily referred to herself as a commoner.
Hills - Prince William's wife: Evs aristocrat, 3 European royal family, 4 commoner, 250 named celebrity; 10 William and Kate to get engaged; 4 Defence secretary Des Browne to resign before May local elections.
Under Japanese law, Sayako, the daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, lost her royal status by marrying, and will now live like a taxpaying commoner.