commonplace idea

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The author notes in the first chapter, "To borrow a commonplace idea from home audio and theater, architecture is the ultimate surround-sound experience translated in more directly spatial terms.
While a commonplace idea now, the notion dates back to the modernist poets such as T.
One commonplace idea about photography is that it depicts surfaces and traces on surfaces.
But the name Pierre Restany will remain linked to a now commonplace idea that was so explosive in the late '50s: "the expressive autonomy of the real.
Like Paul Strohm's Theory and the Premodern Text (2000) and Bruce Holsinger's The Premodem Condition: Medievalism and the Making of Theory (2005), Cole's project is a groundbreaking work of medievalism that subverts commonplace ideas about the medieval, the modern, and the periodizing tendencies that force their separation.
Here, the aspect of the writing center grand narrative Grutsch McKinney takes on is not so much, as the term iconoclastic suggests, that writing centers attack and seek to overthrow commonplace ideas or the institutions of which they are a part, but that writing centers exist on the margins of those institutions.
Men and makeup aren't necessarily commonplace ideas in the United States, but according to new market research, South Korea is the largest market in the world for men's skincare thanks to a fad that has developed over recent years with Korean men wearing makeup.
One has the sensation only of Palmer's own mind, engaged industriously in verbally inflating commonplace ideas.