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It is that commonplaceness that led one observer to trivialize the communicative tool of television as "nothing more than a kitchen appliance" (p.
Some show us what our American language can do, some surprise by the banality of their usage, but many amaze by the commonplaceness of their message.
Here, in the space of a few lines of dialogue, Hardy first evokes the conjunction of beauty and death both by Elfride's comments on the sunrise and by a quotation from Robert Pollock's poem "The Course of Time"; but the quotation sets in train far more mundane observations on the commonplaceness of human thought--which, in turn lead to Elfride's expression of delight at learning that Knight has sometimes been foolish--itself abruptly followed by a grim reminder of Mrs.
The issue of commonplaceness has potentially grave consequences for the application of RCRA.
Most of his works constitute a conglomerate of wide-ranging happenings, fellings, and thoughts; they juxtapose various temporal and spatial narrative levels, and one is left with the impression that the writer has an almost programmatic stake in presenting nothing else but the plurality of commonplaceness.
Some, I know, are most taken with the Miloszian poems on historical irony, commonplaceness, and terror.
They preserve so low a tone, they are simple almost to coarseness and commonplaceness.