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To a commonplace man of limited intellect, for instance, nothing is simpler than to imagine himself an original character, and to revel in that belief without the slightest misgiving.
He said that no commonplace boy would ever have got his daughter out of the cave.
Dancing around the Well: The Circulation of Commonplaces in Renaissance Humanism.
Giving the history of dramatic excerpting from its beginning in the 1590s to the end of the Restoration, Estill's important book provides the fullest account of dramatic extracting yet told, details several unknown commonplace books, miscellanies and separates (single sheets containing commonplaces), and illustrates the rich and varied literate responses there might be to early modern drama.
To borrow from David Bartholomae, that is, I was unwittingly seeking the commonplaces of our profession:
com)-- CommonPlaces e-Solutions, a web design and development firm located north of Boston has recently launched a new website for Axeda.
Preaching; implications follow for each of these commonplaces.
Schwab's curriculum commonplaces (1973) served to redirect
the starting point of any philosophical inquiry is the shared set of everyday truths about phenomena, which may than be examined conceptually and substantively in order to analyze the questions that arise from these commonplaces individually and in relation to each other.
Diakiw (1997) argues that there are powerful commonplaces in the construction of culture and identity, shared values that can be identified and revealed through story and literature.
However, as Seigel observes, Cicero was attracted to one school of philosophy in particular which offers the orator a way of thinking that enables him to call upon commonplaces drawn from a range of philosophical traditions, including Stoicism: that is, Academic scepticism.