communicate orally

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To one such friend, Resa von Schirnhofer, he chose to communicate orally, in a manner she found "alien" and "terrifying," the doctrine of the eternal return, before resuming (as she says) "his normal way of speaking and usual self.
When you look at the iPad right now - and I own no stock in Apple, so I get nothing out of this gig - we're seeing unbelievable successes in people who cannot communicate orally in any way.
Another, a variety of FOXP2, is related to speaking and the capacity to create a language and therefore suggests they could communicate orally.
As I say, Mr Justice Latham's ruling had been reversed at the Court of Appeal by Lord Justice Kennedy who decided "a convicted prisoner has no right to communicate orally with the media through a journalist".
This includes the provision of regular and safe opportunities for children to communicate orally, and of plenty of encouragement and praise.
The hunger for poetry can be seen in the phenomenon of rap music, which is driven by the poetic impulse to communicate orally.
The ability to communicate orally with other people supports cognitive development in that the child will learn from other people.
This is what we do for a living, communicate in writing and communicate orally, persuasively.
Where Southwest asks for "excellent communication skills," HUD asks for "Ability to communicate orally with others in person and over the phone," and then requires backup in the form of "separate narrative statements describing how their experience satisfies each Quality Ranking Factor (QRF)/Knowledge, Skill Ability (KSA) by describing: 1) where or how the particular KSA was acquired, 2) where and how the particular KSA was used.
Blue's experience that people much prefer to speak with a physician than a nurse, and to communicate orally rather than via keyboard.
The struggle of deaf people to speak in their own manual language--sign language--rather than to communicate orally in a manner similar to non-deaf people is the emblematic battle.