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Unfortunately, though, studies find less than 10 percent of Americans communicate with their health care professionals via e-mail even though 65 percent of adult Internet users would like to.
in basic literacy skills such as reading, writing, comprehension, speaking, and listening skills, or in mathematics) on health literacy; or 3) determine the specific content and components of undergraduate, graduate, and in-service training experiences needed to adequately prepare provider groups to communicate with low-literacy patient populations (e.
When migrating to Fibre Channel switched fabrics, it's important that these private loop-only devices can be attached to communicate with today's full fabric, full featured SAN implementations.
We do not want open discussion because--as we have already touched on--we are basically afraid, reluctant, and otherwise hostile to facing the truths, conflicts, and confusions which might surface when we do communicate with each other naturally.
Unfortunately, agencies may have difficulty locating a trained negotiator who can communicate with subjects in a given language.
The greater the severity of loss, the less effective a hearing aid is in helping an individual receive and understand information through sound alone, and the more the individual must rely on speechreading, manual communication, gestures, writing, or all of these methods to communicate with hearing people.
SCSI's "intelligence" allows devices to communicate with one another at the data rate of the slowest device.
Most communicate with their families through a hodge-podge of speech, gestures and writing.
The results suggest that the way physician executives communicate in upward influence situations is affected by the way their superiors communicate with them.
consumers to simply and effectively communicate with one another using the video cameras in their mobile phones.
We use the Internet to correspond with our shareholders, with all kinds of stakeholders, and we use the intranet to communicate with employees.
Officeholder accounts can be used only to ``assist, serve and communicate with constituents.