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They had communicated by writing, and through this medium Count Fosco had made Mr.
The supposed inquiries about Hampshire, when communicated to the owner of the Asylum, would lead him to imagine that his patient had returned to Blackwater Park, under the influence of the delusion which made her persist in asserting herself to be Lady Glyde, and the first pursuit would, in all probability, be turned in that direction.
Comparing these with the more than 1,000 letters contained at that time in the FBI's Communicated Threat Assessment Database (CTAD) strengthened the distinctive quality of the two sets of letters and their author.
A critical issue related to pre-meeting preparation is choosing how much information to share with parents prior to the meeting, as well as how that information is to be communicated.
It is not uncommon for a well-thought-through marketing strategy to be only partially communicated to sales management and field staff.
Having successfully communicated its concern for its employees, management can open more direct channels of communication, knowing that its credibility is secure.
As a corporation spends considerable time and dollars in creating a business plan for the future, what's critical here is that it's properly communicated and ultimately properly implemented.
As those perceptions are communicated, language choices made by the orator become both the enunciator and delineator of a "truth.