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Covering the Americas, Africa, the Islamic world, Asia, and the structures, they discuss such aspects as the Andes, Catholic missions and local rulers in sub-Saharan Africa, ambiguous belongings: how Catholic missionaries in Persia and the Roman Curia dealt with communicatio in sacris, the Christian missions in Japan during the early modern period, and finances of the missions.
LetAaAeAeAEs communicate: "In Other Words AaAeAeAa A History of Communicatio Geneva" opens Saturday, Feb.
Il est vr les opAaAaAeA@rateurs du secteur n'arrivent pas AaAaAeA comprendre un certain no de mesures sAaAaAeA@curitaires, peut AaAaAeA tre, par manque de communicatio de concertation.
MalacaAaAaAeA~ang has directed the Department of Information and Communicatio Technology (DICT) and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to expedite the approval of necessary licenses and permits within seven days upon receipt or completion of requirements.
103-124) realiza un estudio de la imagen de la Trinidad en el pensamiento de Calvino, donde no se esconden--por ejemplo--sus reticencias hacia la doctrina de la communicatio idiomatum en la realidad de la persona de Jesucristo.
This language, like that of the communicatio idiomatum, is understood by the Reformed and Lutheran communions in different ways.
The concrete exchange of goods, friendship's communicatio, is played out ritually in the Mass as worshipers bring the gifts of creation and the work of human hands to the Lord's table and proclaim: "It is right and just always and everywhere to give you thanks.
Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family, students, coaches and others affected by this tragedy," said Maria DurAaAaAeA n, communicatio officer for the Hermiston School District, via the Associated Press.
Communicatio, South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research, 37(2), 268-290.
O quinto capitulo deste livro, intitulado Communicatio e episteme, ja oferecia um caminho inicial para a reflexao que foi desenvolvida pelo autor em sua mais nova obra, A Ciencia do Comum: notas para o metodo comunicacional (Sodre, 2014), em que Sodre busca epistemologicamente definir o campo da comunicacao levando em conta o que ja foi de fato produzido e e estudado como parte constituinte deste campo, mas tambem as questoes filosoficoetimologicas necessariamente implicadas em um trabalho teorico de carater epistemologico.
And there is, most important of all, a new openness to communicatio in sacris.
15) Walter Kasper, for example, stresses the critical passage "von der auctoritas zur potestas, von der traditio zur discretio, von der communicatio fidei zur determinatio fidei" ("from authority to power, from tradition to discretion, from the communication of faith to the determination of faith") and its serious consequences for the whole Church.

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