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The 2004 conference technical program will focus on the critical topic of possible new applications for communications satellites, such as mobile Internet, high band-width military applications, and enhanced direct broadcast, including more niche and local broadcasts.
Because the orbits are the same, viewers will be able to pick up signals from both broadcast and communications satellites with a single receiver and antenna.
In 1962 AT&T's Telstar satellite, the first communications satellite not built by the government, carried live television signals across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.
Another difference: Communications satellites used to be parked in stationary orbit - 22,300 miles over the equator - like extremely tall transmission towers.
Orbital is one of the leading suppliers of GEO communications satellites, which are based on the STAR family of smaller GEO satellite platforms and are capable of accommodating most types of commercial communications payloads.
Before servicing Syncom 3, Discovery's crew had already deployed three other communications satellites, including Australia's first, AUSSAT-1, and a fourth Syncom.
Through this technology doctors can diagnose and provide medical instructions to patients at hospitals in rural areas while examining beamed images via JSAT's communications satellite.
and APT Satellite Company representatives will meet by the end of July to address issues raised by APT's planned launch of a communications satellite, according to Rimsat Chief Operating Officer Michael Sternberg.
The Basics of Satellite Communications explains the fundamentals of communications satellite systems, covering not only the technology of the industry but its other key elements as well.
COMSAT Mobile Communications, a division of COMSAT Corporation, provides maritime, land mobile and aeronautical satellite services to customers around the world via the Inmarsat system, the London-based consortium of 74 countries that operates the global communications satellite network.
Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE:ORB) today announced that it has signed a contract with Alcatel Alenia Space of France to supply a STAR-2 spacecraft bus and provide final spacecraft and system integration and test of SES AMERICOM's AMC-21 commercial communications satellite.

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