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She was communis mater the mother of all Christians.
The animals were divided into 5 equal groups of 7: a control group (group I), a group receiving a diet supplemented with 1% cholesterol (group II), groups receiving a diet supplemented with 1% cholesterol and 25-50-100 mg/kg of Juniperus Communis Linn.
particularmente no que denomina de sensus communis, o cultivo de
Their topics include biotechnological approaches for managing grain mold disease of sorghum, insect pests of caster (Ricinus communis L.
Thus you will avoid hatred from the offence by harming nobody gratuitously: from which sensus communis will protect you.
y algunas lianas como Hedera helix, Smilax aspera y Tamus communis (Tabla 1).
Save pounds 10 on Patio Myrtle MYRTUS Communis, also known as the Patio Myrtle, makes a perfect Christmas gift.
Este principio a priori recibe el nombre de sensus communis aestheticus y no ha de confundirse con el sensus communis logicus o sano entendimiento, que siempre juzga por medio de conceptos confusamente representados.
This view was supported by an observation of a seven-fold increase in the production of edible female seeds following a 'small but intense' fire in a population of Macrozamia communis in New South Wales (Beaton 1982: 52-53).
Por esta razon en esta investigacion se pretende obtener pulpa de la especie Ricinus communis L.
She organizes the discussion around the concepts of sensus communis and common sense, taste, propriety, and sympathy.
Pear trees, known by the commercial names Swiss pear, European pear and pearwood, belong to the species Pyrus communis.