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She was communis mater the mother of all Christians.
J Common juniper, juniperus communis, is a slow-growing evergreen with aromatic pointed leaves in an array of beautiful grey-green colours and a range of shapes and sizes.
Crocosmia | |Dramatic giant fennel ferula communis with its massive yellow flower heads, as well as cultivated fennel
Some of the ingredients to play around with include dark-leaved dahlias with flame-coloured flowers, eucomis (the pineapple plant) and Ricinus communis 'Impala', a very dark-leaved version of the castor-oil plant.
communis with a similar growth stage, 3-4 cm height with 2-3 leaves were transplanted into the pots.
The aim of the study was to determine antimicrobial effectiveness of three Myrtus communis L essential oils, both alone and in combination with conventional antibiotics, against MDR A.
20 crosspolvmer) Syricalm CLR (PC) (CLR) (Water phragmites communis extract 3.
No doubt such a perspective would raise thorny questions of its own, but at least Lord Shaftesbury's conception of sensus communis should have been mentioned alongside those of Aristotle, Quintilian, Cicero, Kant, and Hannah Arendt (pp.
Their topics include biotechnological approaches for managing grain mold disease of sorghum, insect pests of caster (Ricinus communis L.
Save pounds 10 on Patio Myrtle MYRTUS Communis, also known as the Patio Myrtle, makes a perfect Christmas gift.
The traditional Thomistic solution is the sensus communis.