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The use of Specialist Community Nurses in this way is the right thing to do.
With human subjects review board approval, an exploratory qualitative study was used to describe student, faculty, and community nurse perceptions of the admission group interview process.
Above: Long-serving community nurse Lil-|lian France and, left, long-serving community psychiatric nurse Stephen Crook both receive flowers from South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust chairman Ian Black
Every faith community nurse functions differently, addressing the health needs of individuals and groups according to the needs of the congregation they serve.
Retiring community nurse Jaz Williams with her bouquet
But we have more work to do on the community nurse prescriber role.
To meet the increased demand, our ward sisters and community nurse team leaders have been spending up to 80% of their time delivering that care and just 20% directing it.
By Sheryl Stenseth Augustana Faith Community Nurse and Secretary, Metro Area Parish Nurse Association
PATIENTS are being urged to nominate Welsh nurses for the annual Dettol Community Nurse of the Year award.
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