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Gemma from Netherley has only been a community nurse for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust - covering the Gateacre and Woolton areas - since completing her three year Bachelor of Nursing degree at the University of Liverpool last autumn.
In 2010 there was the equivalent of 41,160 fulltime community nurses - but that fell by 13.
SCFCNA Hosts Foundations Course for Faith Community Nurses
Faith community nurses are trusted professionals who help congregation members navigate the healthcare system; promote health and wellness within the congregation and community; make home, hospital and nursing home visits; identify resources and provide a listening ear and comforting presence to those in need.
With human subjects review board approval, an exploratory qualitative study was used to describe student, faculty, and community nurse perceptions of the admission group interview process.
Above: Long-serving community nurse Lil-|lian France and, left, long-serving community psychiatric nurse Stephen Crook both receive flowers from South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust chairman Ian Black
Retiring community nurse Jaz Williams with her bouquet
This is a clear example of how a faith community nurse enables the ill and broken to manage and improve their quality of life.
Supporting the community nurse role and enabling graduate nurses and nurses new to community nursing demonstrates the CNCs' positive impact:
Summary: Diabetic Margaret Thomas, who was injected with ten times too much insulin by a newly qualified community nurse was 'unlawfully killed'.
Community nurse Joanne Evans was not present at Cardiff Coroners' Court to hear the verdict on the death of 85-year-old Margaret Thomas from Pontypool.

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