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Careful consideration is needed with respect to test principles and chemistries, instrumentation, commutability of calibrators, biostatistical methodologies, etc.
To ensure that a reference material is suitable for its intended purpose, its commutability characteristics need to be assessed in a defined manner considering all relevant aspects.
Additionally, when there are differences between peer groups comprising laboratories that use homogeneous systems (single manufacturer's instruments, calibrators, and reagents), the differences are often ascribed to lack of commutability (matrix effects) of the materials, although the differences may in fact be real and reflected in patient samples as well (3, 4).
A number of manufacturers are enrolled in inter-laboratory comparison and commutability studies, enabling their vitamin D assays to be standardized to the NIST-Ghent RMP.
Questions such as 'quality of home', 'finish of home', 'service before moving in', and 'home handed over exactly as expected' also scored 100 per cent for the development, which is proving popular with first time buyers, young professionals and growing families alike because of the value-for-money location, local amenities and commutability into Birmingham.
8] In some cases, there may also be a lack of commutability of values assigned to an RM used with different assay methods and antisera, even though the values were properly assigned for the method used in the value transfer.
Here we report on a recent EQA survey that is designed to be not confounded by commutability issues and which enables the assessment of the quality of assays as performed by clinical laboratories.
Due to its commutability, the material is suitable for periodic quality control, for validating the low end of the analytical measurement range, and for method comparisons.
The commutability of the OptiQuant HIV panel ensures accurate comparison and compatibility between a wide variety of testing platforms globally.