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3,13) The results indicate that the reference materials from BCCL and BCSB are commutable across all 5 procedures, representing ideal reference materials for future standardization of AFP measurement and for EQAS.
When examined as if they were a pool, only 23%-27% of the fresh clinical specimens (commutable by definition) were found commutable using criteria based on medical requirements (against 83%-87% using criteria based on random error components), which suggests that medical-based criteria are probably too stringent.
Located in the heart of Blackfriars, the hotel is within easy commutable distance with other parts of the city.
14 per cent will look across the country, while most will only consider talent that lives within the commutable area.
Bosses say the jobs, across Centrica's Barrow, Heysham and offshore bases are perfect for Teessiders as the distance and shift patterns make them easily commutable.
They must live within commutable distance of the Liverpool Empire, have a passport and be prepared to travel, stay and perform in Dublin and Southampton as well as Liverpool.
But they include about 100 MPs whose constituencies are easily commutable from the capital.
At Owain Glyndwr University, formerly Newi College, the number of students living in Wrexham County Borough has gone up from 28% to 30% from 2006/07 to 2007/08 That was mirrored in the number of students living with their parents and within commutable distance going to the university with an identical 28% in 2006/07 and 30% in 2007/08.
Another factor when developers assess the feasibility of a mall is based on the number of people within a commutable area of the site to gauge the potential catchment.
All children must live within commutable distance of the theatre.
You feel the ups and downs of summer theater, especially on a stage that started life in the countryside but became more and more easily commutable from Broadway.
Located in Arcadia, the center is commutable from the Gulf Coast communities between Sarasota and Fort Myers.