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We have studied some desirable properties of the IFNIFCOA and IFNIFCOG operators, such as commutativity, idempotency and monotonicity, and applied the IFNIFCOA and IFNIFCOGM operators to multiple attribute decision making with fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy information.
Rehman, On derivations and commutativity in prime rings, East-West J.
In terms of calculating, the relationship between multiplication and division and commutativity appear quite early.
It is also possible to prove that the involution [PHI] on Dyck paths satisfies a commutativity relation with the function [zeta] introduced in Haglund (2008) (page 50).
Again the compatibility of f and g implies commutativity at a coincidence point.
The development of the commutativity principle and economic addition strategies.
Also, because of the commutativity of the * operation [AC-2], every ordering of composition of the functions will give the same value.
G, hence in addition to commutativity condition we need to enforce condition (ii) of Theorem 2.
Using these coincidence theorems, we obtain a few fixed point theorems, wherein continuity of maps is not needed, completeness of the space is relaxed to the completeness of a subspace, and the commutativity requirement is tight and minimal.
In the present paper we discuss the multiplication and commutativity of the Berezin transform of the pluriharmonic functions.
This provided a stimulus for a number of such papers dealing with two, three, or four maps, assuming appropriate range conditions, and generalizing commutativity to weakly commuting, etc.