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1) A 75% cut in truck CO2 emissions during use by utilizing battery power for the trash compactor instead of the engine
First, Compact-It installed brand-new trash compactors on the four high school campuses.
A solid-waste compactor generally has two main components.
According to the manufacturer these plate compactors are ideal for efficiently compacting granular soils and crushed aggregates.
The annual German market potential alone for new and replacement compactors exceeds 10,000 units.
Envipco believes it can capture a significant market share of the compactor business based on its new innovative design and attractive price performance and that performance on the initial order will lead to substantial new orders with several other German retail groups.
The Simpak 1800 compactor is part of the service provided by Eco-Technology to the Cardiff plant, where it will be used to handle recyclable packaging material accumulated during the factory's day to day operations.
Braswell has managed sales for more than 15 years, seven of which were involved selling self-contained and stationary compactors to the solid waste and recycling markets.
Most owners and co-op and condominium boards are replacing these incinerators with compactors while at the same time keeping one eye on recycling and what is ultimately going down the chute.
The BigBelly stations are made up of BigBelly solar compactors and SmartBelly components.
The patented remote monitoring systems that One Plus has developed monitor the actual fullness level of large industrial waste compactors.