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And I write telling you more, father: I have never before been as lonely as I am now, never before felt so companionless for want of a brother as of recent days, and I long to grow up with him and eat out of one dish with him .
If the experience of the protagonist Mind is so dire--so solitary, companionless, lost in the dark, fallen from "a prior heroic state," he "spends / His force on the immortal seas in search of a companion / Who is like himself, and finds nothing like himself"--then how good can a dinner be for him?
Companionless, therefore, on that cold December morning on the edge of Christmas, I set off in the slush--for there was a drizzle to the day and the heavy snows of Saturday night and Sunday morning were sliding off the rooftops and into the gutters with a hiss.
Midst others of less note, came one frail form, A phantom among men; companionless As the last cloud of an expiring storm Whose thunder is its knell; he, as I guess, Had gazed on Nature's naked loveliness, Actaeon-like, and now he led astray With feeble steps o'er the world's wilderness, And his own thoughts, along that rugged way, Pursued, like raging hounds, their father and their prey.
The explicit context for her comment is the companionless seclusion in which she has passed much of her life; her thoughts have remained largely unuttered because of her isolation, but "through long habit," still shape themselves into "one train" in her mind, as if being recounted to another.
Gatsby's companionless climb to the penetralium of life exemplifies the impulse behind what Harold Bloom calls the American Religion.