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No way was I going to miss, we can compare notes now.
I PREVIOUSLY wrote to Your Say about the wonderful Coventry musician Len Clarke and asked anyone who had been to Len for music lessons and wanted to discuss his enchanting music arrangements to contact me and compare notes.
Kids are often eager to compare notes about our different lifestyles and marvel at things we take for granted, like coed schools.
Vincent Children's Hospital, sees the forum as a place for those physician executives who serve children to compare notes, help one another and learn about what's going on across the country.
And, in the months leading up to the game, more than 150 attendees from dozens of agencies would crowd into the planning sessions at the Fraternal Order of Police's banquet hall to strategize, compare notes, and work out details.
Next, the two decoders compare notes and each updates its guesses and confidence levels.
It is important for them to make friends, compare notes on their challenges, and share their joys with young people of like-minded faith and values.
57 in Las Vegas to compare notes on how new, closer relationships between the denominations were working in each country.
We do this every night: We get our team together and analyze what we've seen and compare notes," Carroll said.
Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs James Kelly and Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo will visit Japan and South Korea in mid-November to compare notes with Japanese and South Korean officials on the six-party dialogue.
Martin's Press), in which Justice investigates the pedophilia scandal in the Roman Catholic Church--and to compare notes on writing about sex and death.
For those who are contemplating such a change, or for those who have tried it once and want to compare notes with a more experienced vagabond, this title will be an education and an encouragement.