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Des has gone down this path before us and we thought it would be a good idea to compare notes because both these deaths are such high profile cases, if we unite we will be a much more potent force.
By inviting unknowns rather than the usual suspects, they hope to regain the pioneering spirit of the event, conceived in 1979 as a summit for scientists, artists, and engineers to compare notes on emerging technologies.
To counter this, we needed to compare notes each day about what we learned.
With the availability of the Internet, customers can now talk with one another and compare notes.
Perhaps the trio might like to compare notes over a glass or three, always bearing in mind the truism about not treading on people on your way up, as you never know when they might be moving up the ladder.
They offer officials in the Member States an opportunity to promote practical cooperation, get a better understanding of how systems operate in other Member States, compare notes and compare the best working methods", says the European Commissioner in charge of this matter, Anita Gradin.
Try to structure some time for staff in similar positions to compare notes (e.
After Falstaff meets Mistresses Page and Ford, two married women said to control their own financial affairs, he writes identical love letters to each of them, never imagining that they will compare notes.
They held salons where members of the establishment could get together and socialize, compare notes, exchange political gossip, commiserate, collude.
According to Roberto Viejo, president, Procermex, the marketing affiliate of the Modelo Group, 17 international importers from 15 countries will meet in Guadalajara, Mexico, to compare notes on successful marketing tactics and campaigns to develop a global marketing strategy.
Alter the students compare notes, point out not only differences in descriptions, but any actual contradictions.
It was a very good exercise for all three regional organizations to compare notes and to come to agreement on definitions for these terms.