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1 or greater for networks; supports Novell and compatibles, 3-COM, LANtastic; HP laser and compatibles.
Hardware requirements: IBM or compatibles, 640Kb RAM, 40Mb hard drive; supports HP LaserJet and compatibles, Xerox 4045 and DEC LN03.
Founded in 1986, Computer Connection of Central New York is one of the top resellers of refurbished Sun equipment and new Sun compatibles.
Every company that's announced or shipped Mac OS compatible hardware bundles it with FWB software.
A special bundle agreement, signed by the two companies this month, allows Motorola to ship FWB Software's Hard Disk ToolKit Personal Edition and CD-ROM ToolKit pre-installed on all their Power Macintosh compatible computers.
For users requiring superior MIDI music sound quality, the Mako cards have an optional Wave Blaster(TM) compatible wavetable header available.
System requirements include an IBM PC/AT compatible 486SX/33 or higher, a 3.
Show visitors will get an early look at UMAX's PowerPC Platform Computer, the next generation in computer systems that run multiple PC operating systems, and the company's new entry-level MacOS- compatible computer system.
The card is compatible with standard SUN frame buffers and the Connectware RasterFlex graphics accelerator.
The addition of SoftWindows to Power Computing's impressive array of Power Macintosh- compatible systems means customers can run any Macintosh, Windows or DOS application on a single desktop.
Power Computing's line of MacOS compatibles have garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim since their introduction this summer including rave reviews from MACWEEK, MACUSER, MACWORLD, PC MAGAZINE, COMPUTER SHOPPER and INFOWORLD, which awarded the Power 100 the HOT PICK AWARD on June 26, 1995 -- the first Macintosh OS product ever to receive the distinction.
The company's award-winning line of MacOS compatibles are based on the PowerPC 601+ microprocessors and offer NuBus slots, variable RAM and hard drive configurations as well as a quad-spin (4X) CD-ROM.