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The Compel bath collection features a Monitor 14 series single-function option and a Monitor 17 series dual-function option, which offers separate volume and temperature control.
To learn how Compel can help turn sales compensation into a sales performance took, visit www.
Compel added: 'SCH therefore alleges that it is entitled to retain the balance of the retention sum, and claims a further amount of approximately pounds 2 million from Compel.
Compel is facing a 275p-per-share bid from Computacenter, whose own shares have fallen sharply following a profit warning on Monday.
Computacenter said it had approached Compel with a proposal to buy the company for pounds 85 million and was seeking further financial details as well as the approval of the Compel board.
5 million shares in Compel, which was quoted on the main Stock Exchange yesterday at about 195p a share.
If public employers interested in pursuing administrative sanctions decide to compel employees to respond to job-related questions, then steps should be taken to assure employees that their statements will not be used against them in any subsequent criminal prosecution.