compel attendance

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This change would empower both organizations to compel attendance and the production of evidence during investigations and hearings, allowing them to better protect Albertans investments.
The 'no work - no pay' policy isa very childish attitude on the part of our lawmakers and a clear demonstration of lack of proper leadership in Congress since it cannot even compel attendance of its members which is one of their primary duties and responsibilities since they were elected by the people to be their representatives in Congress,' Macalintal said in a statement.
to compel attendance for testimony by being able to apply a sanction in the event of non- compliance;
In investigating potential violations of franchise laws, state and federal regulators generally have broad power to investigate, including authority to subpoena witnesses, compel attendance by witnesses and require the production of documents.
Ensure that the commission of inquiry acts in accordance with best practices for investigations into serious crimes under international law; that it has powers to compel attendance and cooperation of witnesses; and that its reports are promptly made public.
But courts cannot compel attendance, much less vociferous cheering and players' consequent gratification, at high school basketball games, whatever the gender of the players.
The ability to compel attendance may be one more useful tool a court has to ensure that matters are handled in a cost-effective manner.
Local MP David Kidney (Lab Stafford) said: "I am able to welcome the inquiry as announced because of the clear statement from the Ministers that if the inquiry is obstructed in any way they will convert it into a public inquiry with powers to compel attendance and give evidence.
A king-appointed royal commission would have the power to summon witnesses, compel attendance and provide immunity to witnesses.
Most franchise executives do not relish spending an entire day or longer in a mediator's chambers, but the courts have good reason to exercise their authority to compel attendance.
Mr Blackley said that, in any case, the subpoena could not necessarily have forced Sankey to attend the trial"Under UK law, a foreign summons has no legal power to compel attendance at court.
3) that the defendant has the fight to plead not guilty or to persist in that plea if it has already been made and that the defendant has the fight to be tried by a jury and at that trial has the fight to the assistance of counsel, the right to compel attendance of witnesses on his or her behalf, the right to confront and cross-examine witnesses against him or her, and the right not to be compelled to incriminate himself or herself;