compelling quality

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Birmingham's compelling quality of life metrics have resonated with the professional services sector of late; we now need to see the same number relocating here to work in the tech sector.
It is from Nella's uncovering of the secrets inside and out of the house that the compelling quality of this novel comes.
Awards went exclusively to designs demonstrating compelling quality and innovative power as well as the capacity to excite.
Kendal have really struggled this season, and Huddersfield enjoyed a big win at Mint Bridge, when they beat them 41-5 in a five-try display of compelling quality.
Having all the time-honoured sports car virtues, plus the ability to do 500 miles on a single tankful, is the diesel SLK's most compelling quality and what will set this little car apart.
The compelling quality of Glaeser's book is its connectedness: recognizing the parallels, common challenges, and the immense opportunities of cities across the globe.
He obviously looks great and the camera loves him, but he's also got terrific natural screen presence, a seductive voice and such a compelling quality about him that we've decided to expand his role.
ONLY an individual performance of the most compelling quality could overshadow the controversies, arguments, two dismissals and a brawl that punctuated the afternoon''s football at Prenton Park.
Graphs, charts and illustrations from popular magazines of the time further the compelling quality of this book.
Your art has a compelling quality that taps into the collective unconscious.
Keane's mercilessly compelling quality lies partly in its central performance, partly in the technique adopted by Kerrigan and cinematographer John Foster.
During this period, we knew that he was in frequent contact with the Kennedy White House, which added a compelling quality to his lectures and illustrations.