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Together, Compendia and CII now serve six of the top ten national homebuilders.
In the other two compendia, clinically significant interactions were considered those where according to SmPC there are contraindications for a combined administration of the drugs, or SmPC suggests avoiding the combined administration of the drugs or using drug with modification therapeutic regimen and/or closer monitoring of the patient because of clinical significance of drug-drug interaction.
Biomedical writers who are called on to discuss generic drugs and bioequivalence will benefit from a firm understanding of the compendia and compendial science.
The eleventh-century scholars who initiated the study of epigraphy created new engraved calligraphy compendia that included authentic stele inscriptions, while those who remained partisans of the Wang style produced edited and annotated re-engraved editions of the material in the Chunhua ge tie.
The NCCN Oncology Policy Summit will examine the use of compendia by public and private payors, looking at issues such as categories of evidence, compendia processes, and availability of data, among others.
Monthly updates to the database will include new FDA approvals and Compendia listings.
The technology has recently been licensed from the University of Michigan to Compendia to serve the biotechnology and pharmaceutical oncology research markets.
In conjunction with the license to Oncomine(TM), Compendia Bioscience, Inc.
We feel Compendia had identified the one truly missing component in Network Management, SNMP Trap analysis," said Steve Yager, VISTA's vice president for managed services.
The first single from WOMANLY HIPS will go to radio in mid-June; the album is currently scheduled for release on August 27 and will be distributed through Compendia Distribution.
Compendia was formed as a result of the federal bankruptcy court administered reorganization of Platinum Entertainment.
The Cassiopeia PA-2400 is an ideal vehicle for both the Compendia System and PocketChart, providing pre-installed voice and handwriting recognition in a form-factor optimized for physicians.