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Sell's reading of the idealists is undoubtedly erudite, compendious, and friendly; but a Green or an Illingworth might still feel he has mistaken the idiom and missed the point.
Despite such occasional lapses, Alan Horne's compendious The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators is a splendid reference book whose lavish production, detailed information, and critical framework provide source material that scholars and collectors will return to again and again as they work in the burgeoning field of the illustrated book.
I assumed, when I agreed to review Marjorie Garber's Vested Interests for Studies in the Novel, that this compendious account of transvestism and cross-dressing through the ages would have a good deal (or at least something) to do with novels.
Attention then shifts across in the evening to Birmingham Town Hall, with acclaimed pianist Angela Hewitt, who has had resounding success playing Bach on a modern grand piano, taking us through the compendious, inward and multi-textured Goldberg Variations (7.
Despite indulging in rather compendious treatments of the history of economic thought and the economic experience of both Germany and Nigeria.
Mann has done comparative fascist studies a great service by applying his compendious sociological knowledge to the major movements of revolutionary ultra-nationalism in inter-war Europe.
Most were too compendious to be marketable as octavos or smaller, and the quarto and folio editions were expensive to produce and became reference works or showpieces.
London's diverse communities will be treated to a compendious display of contemporary Japanese art this fall, in "Fac ts of Life: Japanese Contemporary Art" at the Hayward Gallery--the largest show of current Japanese work ever staged in the UK.
For Reformed Confessions is neither a critical edition nor a complete translation of Reformed confessional texts, nor does it provide a compendious survey of the development of Reformed theology from its beginning at Zurich (1523) to the adoption of the Declaration of Barmen by the Confessing Church in Germany (1934).
It is odd, perhaps, in such a compendious book, that so little is said about the place of the New Testament as Christian scripture.
This is a compendious tribute to Russian composers, Stravinsky to the fore, but the Bartok of The Miraculous Mandarin is a strong presence too in this virtuoso showpiece which highlighted all the orchestra's skills - not least the busy percussion and an omnipresent, continuo-like pianist.
Some are compendious and all-embracing in their approach, with an almost encyclopaedic apparatus of endnotes.