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Some years ago, a noted baseball historian remarked to me that while old white players, whose records are compendiously preserved, remain the same year after year, the old black players, whose records will always be fragmentary, get better every year.
You would send them to Africa, out of your sight and smell, and then send a missionary or two to do up all the self-denial of elevating them compendiously.
Most celebrated, probably, for his work on Rousseau, this professor emeritus of the University of Geneva is a compendiously learned literary scholar whose studies graciously extend our notion of text to art, to history, and to literature: Starobinski is perhaps the greatest "reader" of culture since Walter Benjamin, and a much more transparent one.
9) In The Bloods and the Crits, a recent eye-openingly caustic and, as the title conveys, supremely antagonistic review of CRT,(10) Jeffrey Rosen applies "racialism" less strictly, sometimes to CRT compendiously and directly(11) and sometimes to the alleged tendency of its teachings.
A Short History (Yale, 1990) and still more compendiously as an essay, `Catherine the Great', in Enlightened Absolutism.
the most Remarkable Occurrences of the Present Age, are Compendiously Represented in Several Select Colloques [1699].
11) Particularly if the -que of itaque were written compendiously (as my representation below supposes).
See for example John Lydgate, This lytell treatyse compendiously declareth the damage and Destruction on Realmes caused by the Serpente of Division (1535?
Events for the remainder of the decade are covered more compendiously.
16) These documents, compendiously described as quasi-law or soft law, often contain the measures of good administration on which public sector managers increasingly rely.
In APLA Ltd v Legal Services Commissioner (NSW), Gummow J (153) and Callinan J (154) each set out compendiously what they understood to be the principles that should guide the High Court's approach to Chapter III of the Australian Constitution.
31) See the presentation of the scale of values in my Theology and the Dialectics of History passim, but most compendiously in chap.