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By repeating in one place a series of literary gestures made diversely, in several places by several authors, in recent English literature -- literature published in England (each of which terms wants qualification) since the accession of Henry Tudor in 1485 or slightly before -- the Opicius poems represent compendiously what the early humanist anti-literature was: the cultural expression of Tudor ambitions to domestic security and empire-like international influence, furthering real-world Tudor political ambitions by realizing them in the mediated irreal world of cultural imaginings.
Most celebrated, probably, for his work on Rousseau, this professor emeritus of the University of Geneva is a compendiously learned literary scholar whose studies graciously extend our notion of text to art, to history, and to literature: Starobinski is perhaps the greatest "reader" of culture since Walter Benjamin, and a much more transparent one.
It is its power of enabling us to talk compendiously about justice for the individual, my justice or your justice.
31) See the presentation of the scale of values in my Theology and the Dialectics of History passim, but most compendiously in chap.
The structural borrowings are compendiously set out in the introduction, and detailed linguistic echoes of the Roman poets, Vergil above all, are given in the notes to the text.