compensate for

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I would not care who knew that I had killed you; the pleasure of killing you would more than compensate for any punishment they might inflict upon me.
Repeating these two last words very often, as if to compensate for the little resolution he was going to show by piquing himself on the great resolution he had shown, Gabriel Varden quietly turned back, determining to get a light at the Maypole, and to take nothing but a light.
I don't think she can ever have been pretty; but, for aught I know, she may possess originality and strength of character to compensate for the want of personal advantages.
said Rebecca, ``what advantages could compensate for such an absolute sacrifice?
Ah, Maximilian, I may have much to suffer, but I feel as if my grandfather's look at that moment would more than compensate for all.
Following a meeting headed by Beirut Mayor Bilal Hamad, the municipality agreed to compensate for damage to some homes and shops on the streets adjacent to where the explosion took place.
On Monday, RIM promised to give $100 of free apps to every BlackBerry smartphone user to compensate for four days of disruption last week, while some operators gave customers free BlackBerry access for a limited period.
New Canon Hybrid IS world's first Image Stabilizer to compensate for two types of camera shake
These units automatically compensate for shooting angle in any situation.
Simulation calculations suggest an asymmetrically alternating measuring sequence in order to compensate for systematic errors caused by thermal phase drifts.
ASSE 1016 recognizes three basic types of bath and shower valves (figure 3): those that compensate for pressure changes only, known as Type P; those that compensate for temperature changes and, to a lesser degree, pressure fluctuations (Type T); and those known as "combination valves," or Type T/P, a hybrid of both pressure-balancing and thermostatic performance regulatory mechanisms.
The factor of aptitude that allows trained test pilots to compensate for evident deficiencies in flight control system is the problem this paper directly addresses.