compensation for delay

See: demurrage
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In line with the directives of Honble Supreme Court the Ministry is taking all steps to ensure timely payment of wages as well as payment of compensation for delay in payment of wages.
The lender filed a claim against the borrower requesting: (i) specific performance; (ii) a fine until the amount is paid; and (iii) compensation for delay in the borrower's performance of its obligations.
hindrances like protests by neighbouring farmers which is coming in the way of development of these plots There shall be no breach of timeframe under any circumstances or else DDA officials will be sent to jail for contempt Will not interfere with pricing of land even if DDA demand the existing rates or order compensation for delay.
The central bank has also asked banks to reframe procedures and specify details about timelines involved in the clearance of local cheques and compensation for delay.
If this burden is met, the court will then address the question of what rate will represent a just and reasonable compensation for delay in payment.
Compensation for delay (a phase error that is linear with frequency) is achieved by a technique similar to interpolation, but amplitude compensation is interesting in that it requires a new set of transform pairs, including functions derived by differentiation of the sinc function.
Meanwhile, my coach fare from Coventry to Birmingham was pounds 4, and I suggest a further pounds 46 compensation for delay and inconvenience, so, pounds 50 in all, will that do you?
The meeting is expected to deal with Pyongyang's demand for financial compensation for delay in construction of the light-water reactors and how to finance fuel oil shipments under the 1994 agreement amid soaring crude oil prices.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The Contractor shall provide a bank guarantee to guarantee CFI payment, if any, compensation for delay provided in the SCC.
Since Regulation 261/2004 establishes a right to compensation when passengers of a cancelled flight suffer a loss of time equal to at least three hours, the court applied, in 2009, this same delay of three hours to entitle passengers to compensation for delay.
We get you there quicker than the car, and with our industry firsts - such as mobile ticketing, automatic compensation for delays and our free on-demand entertainment app beam - your journey will be smoother and more enjoyable too.
And that means the airlines do not have to pay compensation for delays it causes.

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