compensation owed

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The US administration has urged the nation's Supreme Court to reject an appeal made by Iran with regard to compensation owed to terror victims.
As part of the implementation of the compensation owed by easements established by protection areas, there are several tools developed by the client: an established protocol for concerted owners and a compensation framework for unilateral operators pending a future concerted protocol, not excluding all special cases and appeals.
The midfielder this week wrapped up his transfer from Cork City after a delay due to compensation owed to the Rebels.
Judge Stacey gave Martin Butterworth, defending, 14 days to calculate the compensation owed to each complainant.
The issue in this case is the amount of compensation owed Svonavec.
The firm filed suit seeks to recover compensation owed to the Refco estate under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code.
In her decision, Shabtini also tasked the "Central Fund for the Displaced to pay compensation owed to the occupants and tasked the Office of Operations for the Displaced in Mount Lebanon to execute the decision in coordination with the ministry in order to hand over the houses to their rightful owners.
In lieu of compensation owed to Mr Moritz he has been
Calls from 'The Office of Fair Trading' in relation to a miss-sold PPI and asking you to pay 5% of the compensation owed to you upfront by UKASH vouchers.
In his letter, conveyed to the Council President by Kuwaiti Charge d'affaires Abdulaziz Aljarallah, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled mentioned, among Iraq's outstanding obligations towards Kuwait pursuant to Council resolutions adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, maintenance of the border markers, compensation owed to Iraqi farmers, residual compensations owed by Iraq to Kuwait and the question of Kuwait prisoners, missing persons and property.
Kenny Dalglish has asked that the pounds 8million compensation owed to him after his sacking be put towards new Liverpool signings.
0 per cent as interest for compensation owed, the interest is now 4.

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