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The invitation for survey participation ended after em bodying the whole framework of compensative strategies with real case data (the rule of theoretical saturation).
The present study proposes a compensative strategy package, composed of work organization change strategies (working-hours arrangement, work process improvement, and work ethics change) and a status quo wage policy, to help employers overcome the impact on labour cost and productivity.
It was speculated that increased serum OPG concentrations might reflect compensative responses to enhanced osteoclastic bone resorption and resultant bone loss.
California and Hawaii are two states where work-related stress is considered a compensative illness under state workers' compensation laws.
0 software release bring new means for centralized and compensative interconnect management for enterprise data centers of any size," said Gilad Shainer, vice president of market development at Mellanox Technologies.
So the increase of CK activity in model mice liver and spleen may be a compensative response of organs.
Log management is easy to deploy enterprise wide and provides solid compensative controls.
The full space-time processing of Let It Wave technology restores details hidden in the original SD material and produces no "flicker" and no "jaggy" artifacts, a typical issue resulting from today's most advanced technologies like motion adaptive and even motion compensative.