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The MOL said employees have the option of choosing between getting paid or compensatory leave for their overtime, and employers cannot unilaterally give their employees only one option, such as only getting compensatory leave instead of overtime pay or vice versa.
It can be quantified by a compensatory index that is calculated as the ratio of the difference between weight variation at the end of restricted and compensatory growth periods, respectively, relative to the variation at the end of the restricted growth alone (Hornick et al.
The sources underlined that 50 percent of the approved compensatory funds would be disbursed among the affectees who totally lost their residential buildings.
As is widely recognized, however, the requirement of actual consent to fully compensatory exchanges turns the Pareto principle into a practically unattainable ideal.
According to the Forest ( Conservation) Act, 1980, whenever forest land is to be diverted for nonforestry purposes, an equivalent non- forest land for compensatory afforestation should be provided by the project promoters who are appropriating forest land.
Over several years, we have faced numerous plant-identification challenges for certain species; in-field and in-class discussions (Figure 3) on plant compensatory growth have generated a list of unexpected research questions and interesting ideas.
So far, the Dawlat al-Qanoon has won 89 seats in Iraq's upcoming parliament, two of them are compensatory.
Compensatory power is power supplied from the owners of one plant to the owners of another plant located on the same river pursuant to a court ruling.
Exxon admits that the CWA does not displace compensatory remedies for the effects of water pollution, even those for economic harms.
When consumers engage in any type of compensatory behavior, they use that behavior as "a way to make up for some lack or loss" (Friese, 2000, p.
A compensatory award provides compensation for loss suffered as a result of the unfair dismissal.
The new fee program offers something for everyone: a chance for municipalities to accomplish high-priority local conservation goals; a mechanism for developers to proceed with projects once not viable, because no compensatory wetland mitigation was practicable; and an opportunity for the state to accomplish conservation projects with greater value than can be achieved through conventional compensatory wetland mitigation.