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Any apparent costs for compensatory growth induced by the wider temperature fluctuations were not detected.
Nevertheless, many authors have reported that organisms may exhibit compensatory growth followed by increased growth if they are farmed under suitable conditions (Nicieza & Metcalfe 1997, Ali et al.
Ryan [13] reports that the period of restriction must be long enough to ensure adaptation to the lower plane of nutrition in order for compensatory growth to be realized.
Such topics provide interesting and applied discussions on plant compensatory growth with our students.
Palatability and nutritional differences between compensatory growth of clipped aspen stems versus unclipped stems is also of interest.
Accordingly, the fattening geese can endure severe feed restriction, and the compensatory growth is not impaired.
When food levels increase after a period of low availability, many organisms - including humans - undergo what is called 'catch-up' or compensatory growth," explained Sonya Auer, the first author of the research paper and a Ph.
Another alternative might be to accept lower performance rates during such adverse conditions and rely on compensatory growth when forage becomes available.
These species respond with compensatory growth and often tissues of higher forage quality, leading to a positive feedback at the module and genet level.
Chester City Council tourism manager Colin Potts said despite an 11pc drop in visitor numbers nationwide, the city's leisure sector had been boosted by a compensatory growth in the number of British visitors taking short domestic breaks instead of travelling abroad.
studied this compensatory growth in two different genetically engineered animal models of insulin resistance called IR/IRS-1 mice and LIRKO mice.

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