competent practitioner

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2] In such instances, the law imposes a duty on doctors to treat patients with the same degree of skill and care as a reasonably competent practitioner in that field of practice--independent of any contractual relationship.
3) And the ability to self-assess has been identified as one of the hallmarks of a competent practitioner.
However, doctors, dentists, nurses and other care-givers can be found by a court to be negligent in the care they have provided if that care fell below the standard which should have been provided by a reasonably competent practitioner AND that this failure in the care caused a material harm to the patient - there is no negligence where something was not done, but no injury resulted.
So give yourself a bit of time this month, even if you are not on holiday, and build yourself a metaphorical sand castle, then decorate it in your mind with your '6 Cs': the things you are going to change from now on so that you are less stressed, more aware and assertive, and altogether a more competent practitioner.
New graduates, veteran RNs, and facility administrators share a vested interest in a smooth and successful transition from student to competent practitioner.
He highlighted the fact that Dr Fraser has had a long and unblemished career, he performed some 2,000 procedures similar to the operations in this case without any problem, he is an experienced consultant who has trained, worked and is extremely highly regarded in the USA, and that he has been a consultant in the NHS in this country, before retirement in 2010, for many years and he is undoubtedly an extremely experienced and competent practitioner.
These skills are developed around five core competencies: cornerstone, competent practitioner, communicator, collaborator and catalyst.
The courts and the GOC both use the standard of the average, competent practitioner as a yardstick to judge whether particular actions are reasonable.
When aspects of care are beyond their level of competence, they seek additional information of knowledge; seek help from their supervisor or a competent practitioner and/or request a different work assignment.
Lum (1996) described the culturally competent practitioner as proactively keeping up with innovations in diversity-related practice in addition to developing and passing on expertise through supervision, program evaluation, teaching, and consultation.
There must be a smooth transition from student to confident and competent practitioner and employers must play a key and significant part in this.
It said: "You were given support generally in relation to the assessments, but you were unable to demonstrate you attained the skills required to be a safe and competent practitioner in the administration of drugs.