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0 of the EKOPath Compiler Suite continues to extend its performance lead over alternative compiler products.
Andres Gonzalez, president and founder of Agora Laboratories, said: "We've been using CebaTech's C2R Compiler technology to take a legacy G.
Green Hills Software's new compiler outperformed ARM's ADS 1.
DDC-I is also available to create custom versions of its optimizing compilers and tools for specific applications.
Compilers are software development tools that translate commands written by programmers into code that can be run on computers, such as Intel's IA-64.
Our Custom-Touch STAR compiler is being adopted by system designers who require access to a large selection of high-quality memory cores that are complete and easy to integrate," said Krishna Balachandran, Virage Logic director of product marketing.
Superblock optimization and scheduling represent decades of compiler research at UIUC and have been adopted by numerous commercial compilers, and we are thrilled to be involved with this project.
Our highly optimized compilers and libraries yield significant performance advantages for applications and take advantage of the opportunities made available through multi-core and multi-threaded environments.
Encounter RTL Compiler top-down MSV synthesis enables us to experiment early on with different voltage domain scenarios to find the best partitioning trade-off.
0 compiler utilizes advanced 64-bit code generation and optimization technology and remains fully source compatible with all previous and future Absoft Fortran 95 releases.
The XPRES Compiler automatically determines which functions should be accelerated in hardware and generates a comprehensive hardware/software solution for those functions.