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the social sciences have not been thwarted in their development by the resistance of humans to being treated as objects, but by their complacence about scientistic research programmes which make it more difficult for the social scientists to quickly detect the artifacts of the design in the case of humans than in the case of non-humans.
As Kumar puts it, a Nithari becomes possible due to our complacence.
Political short-circuits having produced two devastating general electrocutions in the past forty years and brought about a chronic state of localized slaughter, no one even among its manufacturers regards the old blanket with complacence any more.
Only the complacence borne of assured victory can account for such actions.
Larkosh approached the notion of global connectedness going beyond literature, through contemporary politics and the global crisis of "relative security," a complacence that the North may perhaps be living with.
George Orwell, on the other hand, whose 1984 resembles Unplugging Philco in its depictions of thought police and pervasive censorship, would have angrily disputed such complacence.
Compliance and complacence on the part of the neighbouring Arab states that have sided with Israel demonstrates that the elites of those countries would rather continue being the elites while only paying lip service to the destruction of Gaza.
When it occasionally loses its fire and lapses into complacence or nostalgia, the results can be ugly.
By early spring 2007, the Air Force's historical complacence regarding COIN abruptly ended as it convened a COIN conference that "jump started" its own doctrine-development project.
He finds it a lazy and unquestioning form, one that allows you to wallow in complacence, to duck the difficult issues.
Therefore, the goal of this paper is to harvest ideas and sing songs that would not lull the masses into self complacence and give room for the manipulating forces that may allow history to repeat itself.