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This is significantly better than the national average of six and a half weeks and almost three times quicker than Britain's worst complainers, the Scottish, who take three months on average to resolve an issue.
But instead of being praised for his actions, he was given a dressing down by his superintendent for failing to cancel a pre-arranged meeting with a complainer on another case.
Now the property landlord is to feature in the Channel 4 series The Complainers on Tuesday evening.
It is with this in mind that Chicago-based "Attention Agency" Third Street conceived the idea of launching a national, multimedia campaign entitled Real Complainers Vote - a non-partisan effort designed to encourage young registered voters to embrace two American privileges: Voting and Complaining.
Sources also added that, most of the issues are pending due to the absence of concern officers and complainers are in great trouble, but government is playing the role of silent spectator.
The first national day dedicated to cyber complainers is being launched today, Friday the 13th, thanks to a Birmingham man with a passion for consumer rights.
Chief Justice John Roberts recently joined the complainers on government pay, in his case judicial salaries.
Designed to track and trace the status of a complaint from notification through to resolution the software also assists in identifying spurious claims from serial complainers.
25) asks whether we would rather keep long-standing traditions of expressing Christian holidays and teachings in public places and courts or maintain the services of judges supporting a "little crowd of complainers.
And while many states and school officials have called the federal mandate underfunded, Paige criticizes their resistance, calling the complainers "significant, powerful forces entrenched in the old ways, mired in self interest.
Champion complainers know how to get what they deserve.
Britain is a tiny island of 57million people - what do the complainers expect?