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But the advice service says how people go about complaining can boost their chances of success.
Reasons include fear of making a scene, feeling uncomfortable asking for a discount and feeling they are no good at complaining.
When things go wrong you should be compensated, not just for what you have missed out on, but in terms of your time and what it takes to go through the process of complaining.
Although I traditionally have had little interest in politics, several years ago I decided that if I were going to continue complaining, I had better actually do something.
LOS Angeles' leaders have been complaining for years about getting the proper respect from the state and the country.
The Clinton scandals found Schlesinger greatly exaggerating the demise of the imperial presidency and complaining that Independent Counsel Ken Starr had left the executive branch "harried and enfeebled.
Parents began complaining to school officials that Williams was going beyond teaching about religion and was proselytizing their students.
The British are getting more assertive about complaining but are still more a nation of `diplomats', rather than `dobermans', a new survey claims.
It then advises them to give the firm the chance to put things right, before complaining in writing if they are still not satisfied.
But you can't face the hassle of complaining or don't want a public confrontation.
A little whining and complaining goes with the job, of course, but it is the chronic complainers -- the whiners and naysayers -- who have the AD reaching for the Excedrin and even a fungo bat once in a while.