complaining witness

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45) It is important that the jury understand that the child's potentially inconsistent behaviors during and after the abuse should not undermine the child's credibility as a complaining witness.
Moscat's arrest, the complaining witness indicated she was not willing to cooperate with his prosecution.
24) For example, in the author's first general court-martial as lead prosecutor, the complaining witness in an indecent assault case made the statement that she had never dated or had any type of relationship with the accused.
The policeman in Malley sought absolute immunity by arguing that he functioned as a complaining witness and alternatively, that he functioned similarly to a prosecutor.
According to court documents, the district attorney, after a discussion of the charges with the complaining witness, determined further prosecution was not in the interest of justice.
Prosecuting attorney John Temple told the court: "What started out as a consensual encounter between the defendant's friend and the complaining witness ended with the defendant raping her.
The hospital report is based almost exclusively on the word of the complaining witness, who has been proven, time and again, not to be credible," they said in a statement.
Foster STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF LAPEER The complaining witness, on information and belief, says: GENERAL ALLEGATIONS 1.
The complaining witness reported the alleged sexual abuse to her mother in February and the mother contacted authorities, according to prosecutors.
In addition, in some cases complaining witnesses can now attend grievance referee hearings after testifying and Bar rules explicitly state the complaining witness has, no right to appeal.
The complaining witness sought help at a neighbor's home after allegedly being assaulted by Mr.
Tucker instructed the jurors that the teen's so-called "first complaint'' testimony could be used by them solely for the purpose of assessing the credibility of the complaining witness.