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Quelques jours plus tard, le 15 decembre 1968, un document lu par le Pape lors d'une audience speciale accordee aux membres du Conseil de presidence de l'Union catholique internationale de la presse (UCIP), rappelait << les devoirs du journaliste catholique >> et declarait : << Est-ce servir l'Eglise que de se faire avec insistance l'echo complaisant de la << contestation >>, au risque de troubler et de desorienter l'immense masse des bons fideles ?
Accustomed to Federal Reserve mollycoddling, financial markets became complaisant, confident that central bankers would bring out the punch bowl any time asset prices threatened to fall.
As Manet's Olympia shocked viewers at the Salon of 1865 because instead of a rosy, complaisant nymph rising from the waves surrounded by cherubs, it showed a pale, self-assured prostitute lying on her unmade bed attended by a black maid and cat, so do Bellocq's nudes astonish us in the way they diverge from the conventions by which nude photography--of both the dirty and arty variety--was ruled in its day.
Patrick Symmes, a contributing editor of Harpers Magazine, has presented the whole dismaying course of the Cuban revolution: from its causes, including Washington's complaisant relationship with the dictator Batista; to its initial successes, mainly a highly effective country-wide literacy program and a sharp reduction in infant mortality; and finally to its current ruined economy and a population cowed by a regime obsessed with identifying the disloyal.
No legislation is likely to eliminate the unwholesome relationship between some lobbyists and complaisant lawmakers, but exposing earmarks to the light of day would be a good start.
Like Levy's The Romance of a Shop, Anna Lombard proposes new forms of femininity and masculinity, while also controversially rewriting the moral code to suit the pioneering individual rather than the complaisant mass.
Il suffit de regarder le reportage Rwanda, une justice prise en otage, dans lequel ont ete filmees des auditions de temoins a Arusha, pour prendre la mesure de la facon dont certains d'entre eux ont ete traites sous l'oeil amuse et complaisant, voire indifferent, des juges (91).
He is no less masterly in his rendering of the two maidens' slight and complaisant contours.
The contributors were to be occasionally men of genuine talent, more often worshipful imitators--young men whom George found physically attractive and complaisant.
But her quiet and complaisant demeanor belies a senior citizen who's plenty independent and opinionated.
Weinberg stresses in his A World At Arms, the Nazis never had any intention of permitting any French government to survive in their New Europe, even one as complaisant as Laval's.
Elizabeth Butler Cullingford notes the regular occurrence of liaisons between sympathetic Englishmen and complaisant Irish women in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Irish drama and contends that these connections are used in order to set in motion a politics of empathy that offers a palliative to the hostile nature of colonial relations.

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