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The complementariness of family relations has been disrupted by capitalist relations and their attendant egocentricism that have seen the father assuming a queer gender identity marked by his feminisation; a disruption that sees him turning his back on his family.
But catchwords and talking points reappeared in various contexts as if they were credible and legitimate, as did the complementariness and equivalences of entire logics regarding external enemies, Manichean membership categories, and the understanding of the historical situation.
This theory forms the basis of all his London novels and is also what best demonstrates the complementariness of his fiction and non-fiction works.
This process is necessary for a political/ethical project of a polycentric, multicultural Europe built upon the complementariness of the other to the self and the self to the other, assuming, that is, that Europe is willing to accept its condition of "tramonto" (168).
There, I also argue for the complementariness of the two types of study: "Neither of the two approaches fully characterizes the properties of a broadly defined "syntactic structure".
2006) provides the basis for the analysis of trade credit usage; the empirical tests of their hypothesis using Brazilian public firms' data confirm the hypotheses of substitution and complementariness, that is, trade credit represents both a substitute (for all firms classes) and complementary (for credit rationed firms) source of financing in relation to bank loans, increasing the possibilities of financing for large firms.
On the other hand, stock market development leads to higher profitability and margin for banks, particularly at lower levels of financial development suggesting complementariness between the banking sector and the stock market.
The coming together of the knowledges of all participants has led to an enhanced understanding of each others' roles within the community and a deeper appreciation of the complementariness of these roles.