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The complementariness or co-dependency of external deficits between the United States and the rest of the world has several components.
The complementariness is exactly the number of examples that are correctly classified by h and incorrectly classified by S.
3 billion, it is still far from attaining its full potential given the size and complementariness of our economies.
In order to explain the phenomenon of relationships in both centers using the assumptions of relational view as reference, the respondents were asked about the existence of collective actions in the center, participation and motivation of their companies relating to these actions, information and knowledge sharing between companies, complementariness or the tendency of taking isolated actions and the functioning of the governance system in the center.
Qualitative exploration of respondents' open-ended answers revealed four overarching themes: globalization, complementariness, appropriateness, and divisions.
This will require an active shift in thinking the complementariness of big and small as opposed to an opportunity limiting big versus small paradigm.
Chapter 2 ends with a number of practical showcases intended to provide visible applications of Durisin 's teory on interlireraty communities, including aspects such as plurifunctionality, complementariness of oral tradition, and the delayed incorporation of literary items to the cultures of given communities, a factor that points to the discussion on decoloniality in the following chapter.
This view of the interplay between empirical science and philosophy and thus of the complementariness of phenomenology and cognitive science is supplemented by a minimal naturalism: "because it stops a long way short of reductionism, minimal naturalism does not demand that a complete cognitive science of Dasein would be a complete understanding of Dasein, although it would be a complete enabling understanding" (Wheeler 2012, p.
We suggest situating both systems in a relationship of complementariness (Figure 1), since we believe that integrating quality management and control oriented at transparency and accountability into the organization is the logical consequence of an ethical commitment in management.
While it would be nearly impossible to show a necessary link between the two, the complementariness of the policy and this integration strongly suggests that the latter is strongly supported by the former.
33) The worlding of world, in being veiled, thus arises through the complementariness of nothingness and beyng.
The objectives of this initiative are founded under the principles of solidarity and complementariness of the countries involved as to provide a fair and democratic use of the natural resources for the peoples of the region (Ibid.