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Odyssey Thera's live cell, pathway-based approach centers on its proprietary Protein-fragment Complementation Assay (PCA) technology and unique High Context Screening platform.
The application of a lexical rule approach to complementation leads to the assumption that individual complement-taking predicates may have different senses, each of which requires a different complementation pattern.
Because theory does not necessarily support the substitution hypothesis over the complementation hypothesis and because the literature reports contradictory findings, it is not clear whether increased use of primary care services decreases or increases the use of specialty and inpatient care or its impact on costs.
if we remember that the substantive fact has no parallel verb synchronically requiring such complementation, nor is it a sentence).
Of the three models of multimedia that Cook posits--conformance, complementation, and contest--the last is clearly portrayed as "the paradigmatic model of multimedia" (p.
Functional complementation of the yeast divalent cation transporter family SMF by NRAMP2, a member of the mammalian natural resistance-associated macrophage protein family.
Myles and Sancar's comprehensive 1989 review on DNA Repair pre-dates the recent breakthroughs in cloning the human genes for Fanconi's anemia and several of the xeroderma pigmentosum complementation groups (reviewed by Barnes, Nature 359: 12-13, 1992).
The Company pioneered the use of -galactosidase enzyme fragment complementation (EFC) in HitHunter([R]) biochemical and PathHunter([R]) cell based assays for discovery research.
Log management must be committed to be used as support during incident management and as a complementation by other detection mechanisms.
In terms of the cellular NER, excision repair crosscomplementation group 1 (ERCC1) nuclease forms a heterodimer with exicision repair cross-complemenentation group 4 (ERCC4, also known as xeroderma pigmentosum, complementation group F) and accomplishes repair of bulky DNA-platinum adducts (6-8).
Speaking on the occasion, Shaikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairperson of Shurooq, said: "The inauguration of the new flagpoles in the Eastern Region in Sharjah -- which will coincide with the 42nd anniversary of the National Day-comes in complementation of the flagpole developed in Sharjah by Shurooq last year as part of its celebration of the 41st National Day.

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