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54, Aquinas explains that the form is such as the complementum of the substance whose act is esse.
As Breig stresses in his fine general preface, Schutz's own description of these works as scored for eight voices obscures their remarkable diversity: each concerto, indeed, calls for eight obbligato parts--either six voices and two instruments or five voices and three instruments--but the complementum invariably adds considerable depth and musical interest, and is all but required for the full effect of no.
You'll agree there's a certain logic, a complementum as your grandfather's sometime colleague Niels Bohr used to put it, to such a lie of reasoning.
The writer has not quite understood that the complementum of his headbone and imagination displays more than range of subject, than stylistic virtuosity upon these occasions.
Ipsum autem esse est complementum substantiae existentis: unumquodque enim actu est per hoc quod ease habet.
Quaedam autem sunt quae habent fundamentum in re extra animam, sed complementum rationis eorum quantum ad id quod est formale, est per operationem animae, ut patet in universali.