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Thus, the story here presented will be told by more than one pen, as the story of an offence against the laws is told in Court by more than one witness--with the same object, in both cases, to present the truth always in its most direct and most intelligible aspect; and to trace the course of one complete series of events, by making the persons who have been most closely connected with them, at each successive stage, relate their own experience, word for word.
Brown's Boys: Complete Series , the smash-hit BBC comedy series coming to DVD on November 3, 2015, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.
Available in both DVD and Blu-ray formats, InuYasha The Final Act: The Complete Series collects all 26 episodes of the final season of the anime (Japanese animation) adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi's dark fantasy graphic novel saga, well-known for its mix of intense action and deep characterization.
The Jeffersons: The Complete Series, Deee-luxe Edition.
From the creators of "Sesame Street", Shalom Sesame: The Complete Series is a DVD collection of this television program created to introduce young people to Jewish holidays, traditions, and culture.
IF you somehow missed the TV phenomenon of the decade then pick up Breaking Bad - The Complete Series (15) from PS49.
He made the comments at a world record hopping attempt to mark the DVD release of Ripping Yarns - The Complete Series, which he wrote with Terry Jones.
Sherlock Complete Series Two (Cert 12, 270 mins, BBC DVD, DVD pounds 19.
Fans of the critically acclaimed wartime epic Downton Abbey are spoiled for choice at Tesco Entertainment Online where both Downton Abbey Series 2 and the Downton Abbey Complete Series 1 and 2 Boxset are available to pre-order now.
To celebrate the DVD release of the award-winning 1980s' hospital TV series, Children's Ward: The First Complete Series, out on Monday, we have teamed up with Network DVD to give away a fantastic home entertainment system.
It contains the first 12 episodes of the second series and follows on the heels of the Complete Series One, released in March.
Mann+Hummel ProTec is offering its TrueBlend TB gravimetric batch dosing system, first showcased at Fakuma 2009, as a complete series.