completely end

See: destroy, void
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China should immediately and completely end its control over people's decisions to have children.
It will also enable employees to completely end the relationship, search for alternatives, or return back home.
Insha Allah, power load shedding in Pakistan will completely end by 2018, which will bring more foreign investment in the country, he said.
While we know the work to ensure all veterans have a place to call home will never completely end, the best practices developed in our cities are models for how communities can build the collaborative systems necessary to make veteran homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring.
TIME for the noble - that's a laugh - lords and ladies to be put out to grass and completely end the hereditary titles and the titles of patronage.
If this goes ahead, Korea will be the second country in Asia to set out on the route to completely end animal testing for cosmetics.
The talks should begin, one or two days after, with the goal for the process to completely end somewhere at the middle of next month, before Brussels closes the report, said representatives of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM.
The solution to the growing crisis brought about by FATCA and similar schemes, critics argue, is to completely end the U.
For Netanyahu and his backers, however, hopes have all but evaporated that Iran can be forced by negotiators to completely end its ability to make nuclear fuel.
Whether Dave is writing about his first Colorado mule deer hunt that by pure chance led to his decades-long association with Bowhunter Magazine, or a tough British Columbia grizzly hunt made shortly before the botched surgery that threatened to completely end Dave's bowhunting career, there's no shortage of drama, excitement, and inspiration readily available with the turning of each page.
The objective of the power project is at generating 6600MW power to cope with the country s requirement and completely end the loadshedding.
In the letter, the mayor of the Jewish "Hebron Municipal Council" and the director general of the "Hebron Jewish Community" insist that army commanders use administrative detention until they are able to find a long-term solution to completely end this hostile and dangerous activity, referring to Amro's extensive work with various human rights groups.

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