completely full

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I may be completely full of shit about that part but that seems to be in my head.
Empty the ground coffee container before it's completely full.
Trevor Ellard, manager of Cardiff's Bierkeller, expects the venue to be completely full until the rugby kicks off, and to stay that way until close.
The Gwladrugby account, which has almost 10,000 followers, said they had driven to Cardiff after waiting at the station for an hour - with five completely full trains passing as they waited.
Ivanovic's boot should be in the lobby of the academy for the kids to see a boot completely full of blood.
The talks, given to small groups ranging from 12 to 50 people, were completely full, with more than 300 RSVPs.
I look back on old diaries and my day was completely full.
The western cemetery, the largest cemetery of Almaty located near the thermal power plant, is completely full now," said Ismailov.
Remarkably, 80,000 tickets have been sold and a completely full Wembley will be expectant as Groves attempts to go one step further than he did the last time, when he rocked but didn't put away the veteran warrior-champion.
Zaatari [Jordan's biggest camp, with some 120,000 Syrians] and the host communities are completely full, so we need to mitigate the pressures on the host communities by establishing this camp.
Raf has this way of being completely full of himself but in a kind of charming way (he has nice eyes) and he mentions his wife frequently, which is bound to strike a note of dread into any regular viewers, wondering what horrendous freak accident or life-threatening illness is going to befall this poor woman.
The plaza is less than five years old and is one of the few that is completely full with tenants.

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