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4) It is further elaborated into morphologically distinct three subcategories: past-perfective, perfect and completive.
A dashboard will provide the details for your purchasing manager to confidently negotiate with national vendors for completive pricing of products and services.
Proposal-writing assistance is also believed to be an important factor in boosting faculty completive success.
It is a change of tempo from the usual funky pop beats Miss Furtado treats us to, it a slower completive song, complete with a string arrangement.
In addition, Sylvia uses the completive done instead of had as an auxiliary verb in sentences like "Sugar done swiped her mama's lipstick, so we ready" (89).
In these firms most of the employees have very competitive skills, and they work in a very completive industry.
The only dialectal rules observed here are those of the pronunciation of ask, the regularizing of the irregular past form of know, the loss of the initial unstressed syllable in about, and the completive aspect done gave.
But the abstraction is constructive or completive as well as selective.
199-203 present a useful demonstration of how, owing to the absence of introductory formulae and the deletion of completive que from the syntax, indirect free speech can be difficult to distinguish from direct speech or authorial narrative, this raising problems for modern editors as regards matters of punctuation.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP retails for $219 USD, competitive upgrades from other paid mind mapping products are available for $109 USD, contact CS Odessa sales for details on completive up grades of any quantity.
Al-Abduwani said, "Musandam Power Company has selected an optimal reciprocating engine (RE) configuration for Musandam`s Independent Power Project (IPP) following a completive pre-qualification and tendering process to deliver flexible and sustainable energy to the Musandam Governorate.
Hewerdine was presented with the award by Hassan Al Hazeem, managing director of Intercoil Group of Companies after finishing top in a highly completive shortlist of hotel spa and fitness experts, with Paul Hawco, director of Talise spa operations at Jumeirah Group also being highly commended.